It’s Hard Out There…For Women

I should be much more grateful. To tell you the truth, I actually find that very few men harass me when I walk down the street or go to clubs (*knock on wood*). Most of them have actually been fairly polite. I get a lot of “you look very nice” or “I like your __(clothes, hair, earrings, etc.)____”, but nothing too vulgar. Either I’m extremely unattractive or I look pretty intimidating to a lot of men (AKA “mean” or “best believe I’ll smack yo ass if you come at me sideways!!”).

I’ve seen men holla at anything that slightly moves, however; so maybe it’s more of the latter than the former.

This also applies to me for my online dating experiences. I have received the occasional chat about “morning sex” or some other gross pick up line about when I will “make out with them”, but for the most part I don’t get hourly messages from some guy who wants me to watch his naked web cam show.

Unfortunately I think that reality is much more graphic (and violent) for most other women out there in the online dating world. Check out this article: A man poses as a woman on an online dating site and barely lasts two hours. 

Has this been your experience? Story time!


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