10 Rules For Friends With Benefits

Another great post to answer all my FWB questions. If the link doesn’t work, just go here: http://thoughtcatalog.com/georgia-wisdom/2013/02/10-rules-for-friends-with-benefits/

Thought Catalog

Maybe you just got out of a relationship and aren’t ready for something serious. Maybe you have a really hot friend. Maybe you live alone and don’t have cable. There are many valid reasons to start a Friends with Benefits relationship. The problem is, these things have a tendency to go south pretty quick — and not in the good way. No need to fear. Just follow these tried and tested rules and I guarantee you will enjoy a mess-free Friends with Benefits affair!

1. Pick someone you wouldn’t normally date. Okay, step one. This is important. This will ensure that you don’t accidently fall in love with him, or at least postpone it for as long as possible. May I make a suggestion? Find a bro. The more Axe body spray, the better. You probably won’t be able to talk to him about politics, but who needs Obama when…

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