Valentines Day Awkwardness

Valentine’s Day. Another gratuitous American holiday that was designed to promote hyper-consumerism and stimulate the economy.

vday joy  vday couple

I really don’t like Valentine’s Day. Even when I was in a great relationship, I didn’t do much. Just making dinner at home, hanging out, keepin it simple!

Valentine’s Day is the worst under the following conditions:

1. You are single and miserable about it.

2. You are single and getting old, and all your friends are coupled up.

3. You are in an unhappy relationship (Been there! I broke up with my ex on Valentine’s Day. It was the first break up.)

4. When you’re kinda talking to people – or lightly dating people – but aren’t really sure  about where it’s heading.

Quick question:

If you’re dating (or just talking to) multiple people (casually, no commitment), what do you do on Valentine’s Day? What if the romantic intentions haven’t been clarified yet? Do you pretend to be out of town? Do you try to make a move on that day and see how the other person responds? Do you go out with your girlfriends to singles parties? What if they’re just bootie calls? I don’t get this shit.

These are the cards that I’ll be giving out this Valentine’s Day:

vday  v day


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