The Best Relationship Advice Kickstarter Can Buy

MAN. I swear…errrrybody and they MAMA’s been putting up articles about what makes for a great and loving and awesome and long-lasting and happy relationship these days. I pretty much see at least one to two articles about healthy (or unhealthy) relationships on my Facebook feed EVERY FUCKING DAY. Where were y’all when my relationship was falling apart in 2010? Right.

This one is pretty basic, but basic is GOOD. Keep shit simple —

A Single Guy Quit His Job And Spent A year Interviewing Couples in Love – This is the best relationship advice that he learned

A sample:

“One woman in Georgia gave some pretty amazing advice. She and and her husband have been married for over 60 years, and after being asked what her best relationship advice would be, she paused and said…

‘Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most.'”


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