Fun With A Micropenis

This is a must-read for all you ladies out there that like to hump men:

14 great stories about hooking up with a guy with a micropenis

Yes it happens. If you have sex with enough people it will probably happen to you, if it hasn’t happened already. I don’t think I’ve ever humped a guy with a micropenis per se, but I’ve definitely had sex with some very, very small penises. And you know what – those guys were some of the few guys that I had strictly hook up situations with (or were friends with benefits). Isn’t that crazy?

When I was about 23 and was working as a waitress, I worked with guy that just wanted to hook up with me. I was new to town and didn’t have many friends at the time, so I was like, “sure why not”. I had no one else to hang out with.

When we first started to get busy he would talk up a WHOLE lotta game, telling me how he was “going to cut my jelly up” and all this shit. But when the time came to do the actual deed, I was a bit shocked by how small (and narrow) he was. I forgot to mention that this guy was fat – like a bit on the chubby/obese side (I’ve heard other girls comment about how the fat guys they’ve fucked had small dicks too. What the hell is going on, does all the fat around their body squash their dicks in?). Anyway. Since he was fat and had a small penis, I tended to ride on top, which was great for me – I could get off and do whatever I wanted to for the most part.

I stopped dating him after six months (which was about 5 months too many), but not because he had a small dick. It was because having a conversation with him was like watching paint dry.

Another key thing about hooking up with a short dick man is to have fun with it. Sex is much more enjoyable when you can both relax and be yourselves, so be sexy, confident, and help each other have fun! The end.


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