My Anti-Fairytales in Dating: You Like “Smart” Girls?

2014 has been quite the year in dating.

Once upon a time…I “met” a guy on my Coffee Meets Bagel app that was pretty decent in the looks department but was just aiite in his written profile. There seemed to be a few red flags from the start: He’s a corporate lawyer (I do grassroots community work), he’s double-fisting shots of vodka with some bleach-blond girl in his main photo (I like bourbon), and he lives in the Marina District of San Francisco (otherwise known as The Land of the Douchiest Douche-bags in (what’s soon-to-be) the most economically elitist city in the US). Plus, in his “I appreciate when my date…” section, he wrote:

I don’t like painted on eyebrows.

That didn’t really answer the question. However, being that I’m a woman in my mid-30’s, I knew that I really couldn’t be too picky about the men that I date.

We proceeded to have a 3 hour conversation over CMB’s chat feature, which I’m pretty sure would have just lasted about 20 or 30 minutes had we just called one another to talk directly. I asked him a lot of questions because, well, he’s a corporate lawyer (working to defend the ‘underdog’ major cell phone companies) that lives in the Marina, and I wanted to make sure that we weren’t just wasting time. Overall, we did have a few major values differences (I didn’t say anything, I just observed), but he seemed nice enough and, well, I’m still single. Plus I like interesting and intellectual guys. When I told him about my Master’s Degree studies, he asked me:

“I like smarts girls. Is that you?”

“I work really hard and try my best,” I texted back.

“Well that’s what counts :)” he said.

Besides the occasional shortened spelling and classist comments in his messages, he seemed pretty cool. We messaged back and forth for a few weeks until we finally found a time to have dinner.

We agreed to meet up at a local restaurant on my side of town. This is pretty much what how our date went down…

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